5 Simple Bathroom Swaps

5 Simple Bathroom Swaps

The bathroom can be a real plastic trap. At the beginning of the year my boyfriend and I had a whole bathroom cabinet full of everything you’ll find at the drug store. The amount of stuff is slowly shrinking, we use up what we have and do not buy new unnecessary products packed in plastic. And this has advantages! Now, fewer plastic bottles are flying around and we noticed a decrease in our plastic waste. Moreover, we also make sure to only use products with natural ingredients, which are better for the environment (plastic particles from creams, shampoos and what not, pollute the oceans) and for our body (scientists are currently researching the effect of plastic in our body and 95 of 100 people tested in Austria had a measurable amount of plastic in their blood).

An added bonus is that my skin has improved. By using fewer products and sticking to natural ingredients (we make our own body cream – click here for the recipe!) I know what I put on AND in my body.

In this article however, I want to show you 5 simple bathroom swaps so that you as well will be able to minimize the clutter and your trash:

1. Epilator

I have had this epilator since my 16th birthday. My mother gave it to me and even though I absolutely wanted to have one, the throw-away razor blade did stay in the bathroom. There is a simple reason: It does hurt in the beginning. But After a while I pushed through it and even though it still is not the greatest feeling in the world, it is amazing that I do not have to worry about leg stubble every two to three days! And I only use it every three to four weeks! That is a definite win in my opinion. Sadly, the epilator is made out of plastic but mine has lasted for 9 years now so I think it is still a more environmentally friendly device compared to a razor and (eventually) razor foam which you do not need with an epilator.


2. Cotton Pads

I believe that most women use these every day. The thing is, that those use-once-cotton-pads are not good for the environment. Especially when you think about how many you use when getting off your make up. So swap for an eco friendly option. My mom made these for me, but there are a lot of them on the market already if you do not want to make them your own. Small knitted cotton towels are also a great alternative. Just find what works best for you.


3. Cotton Swabs

And while we are on the topic of cotton, why not change to eco friendly cotton swabs? Most store bought, regular cotton swabs have a large percentage of plastic because of the stick in the middle. And they add up really fast! Plus, they float around in the ocean (together with tampon packages – gross). Our cotton swabs are from a german company called Hydrophil. They are water neutral, vegan and fair! So go grab a box for you and your family. You won’t need another plastic bomb anymore!


4. Coconut Oil

For me, coconut oil is an absolut basic in the kitchen and the bathroom. I do try to mostly cook oil-free, but sometimes I do need it.  And you can use it as a make-up remover or give your skin an extra moisturizing boost in the winter months. It takes away all your make-up and cleans your skin without clogging your pores. And you can use it in hair masks, deodorants, peelings and creams.


5. Menstrual Cup

This cup has changed my life. I’m not joking. During my period I can’t imagine my days without it. I never really liked tampons, and when I heard about their harmful and wasteful end (mainly,  landing in the ocean and floating around everywhere together with their plastic wrappers!) and that they are linked with TSS (toxic shock syndrome) I didn’t want to use them ever again! These days there are a lot of companies that sell menstrual cups (Lunette, OrganiCup, Me Luna).

The great thing about the menstrual cup is, that you have to change them only in the morning and evening. So every morning after waking up I empty my cup into the toilet, wash it and use it again. The same thing happens in the evening. I even went to South America with it and it never abandoned me. It does not leak. Because, depending on how strong your period is, a tampon is full very quickly. Your cup on the other hand can hold a lot of blood and closes off seamlessly. And you don’t even notice that you wear it. I recommend it to everyone!

Thus, these were my five simple bathroom swaps. If you have any other suggestions to get rid of plastic in the bathroom, feel free sharing them in the comment section, I’d love to know them!




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