“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

Hello and Welcome! I am very glad you found your way to my little site where I share everything I am passionate about. If you would like to find out some more about why I started this blog, then please read on.

Hi my name is Momo. I am 25 years old and currently studying to become a dentist. I am german and live in a town in Bavaria in a two bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. I used to be very insecure about my body and was constantly worrying how my butt, stomach, arms or legs looked. Since only recently I have started to actively work on my body- and selflove and have come a great way. I decided to share my experiences in the hopes that it may give others the shortcut to a more fulfilled and meaningful life, which I was constantly searching for.

There are three core passions this website is about: Plant based, Social conscience and Personal growth. Every aspect depicts parts of my core values that connect with each other and form a basis for how I want and try to live my life. This may seem very over the top but don’t we all want to live according to our OWN values, not being influenced by social standards?

Plant based:

I want to show what is possible on a vegan diet. I have just recently done the transition to being completely vegan (since March 2017) but have dabbled with it for quite a while and have been collecting a lot of information about it. Now I feel confident about this lifestyle and am sure that it benefits my health, makes me feel more aligned with my empathy for animals and it even made me more creative in the kitchen.

Social Conscience:

Since January 2017 we have been reducing our waste. We are not completely zero waste, I would rather call it minimal waste. There is still a lot to improve, but we are slowly and steady building a life that is less heavy on the planet. Social conscience also means looking at our consumerist behavior. Having been mindlessly shopping in the past I now do think about what I need and whether it is necessary in my life. Minimalism is a concept both of us find very appealing and is another part we want to optimize.

Personal growth:

I bet that a lot of you have a vague idea in mind when you hear this title. I believe that it is absolutely necessary to always keep learning! Learning about the world, about others, about ourselves. If we know what truly makes us happy, how we can optimize and manage our time or lay the foundation for the life we want to live, we will live a more fulfilled and happy life. Of course these things take time. I want to share my journey with you to maybe inspire and give a nudge into a new direction.