Vegan Carrot Falafel

Vegan Carrot Falafel

You know what I hate? Throwing away food! And that especially happens when you juice. I mean, when you juice you throw away a big part of your food. That’s why I had the idea of using our “garbage” instead of letting it go to waste. Since I only used organic carrots, washed and without their ends I knew that I could make something great out of the leftovers! So after we devoured our freshly pressed carrot juice I was left with a huge bowl of carrot puree. Only how to use it?
Since we haven’t had falafel for quite some time I decided to make some out of the puree which reminded me of mashed chickpeas. And what can I say? They were a huge success!

The original recipe for ‘normal’ falafel comes from a german cook book called ‘Vegan kann jeder!‘. If you do understand the german language, then check it out! It’s a great book.

And here is my modified and adapted version:

– 480gr carrot puree
– 100gr fresh spinach
– 2tbsp chickpea flour
– 1tbsp cumin
– 1tsp smoked paprika
– 1tsp turmeric (optional, I would leave it out the next time)
– 1 handful of coriander/parsley (depends on what you have on hand)
– 1tsp salt
– breadcrumbs
– 3tbsp olive oil


1) Put your carrot puree, spinach and spices into a blender or food processor and blend everything together.

2) In a big bowl your dough and add the chickpea flour. Depending on how much water your carrots do still contain, you may need to add more flour or breadcrumbs.

3) Wet your hands and form little falafel balls (I’d rather make them smaller otherwise they don’t really bake well!)

4) Roll the falafel balls through your breadcrumbs until you have them evenly coated. Put them in a fridge for about 30 minutes. That way they will get firmer.

5) Heat your olive oil in a pan and bake/fry your falafel. They should be evenly baked from all sides.

6) Ready to enjoy!

We had ours with homemade sweet potato fries fresh from the oven, a salad and a herb dip from the day before. As I said, I don’t like letting food go to waste 😉

I hope you enjoy the recipe, let me know in the comments whether you have tried it!


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