Minimalism is … addictive (part I)

This is going to be a new series. I realized that even though I have three core aspects to this blog (plant based eating, less waste and minimalism) I had yet to post anything about minimalism. So here is the first blog post, with many more coming.

I know it may seem strange saying that minimalism is addictive, but once you start decluttering your life, it’s really hard to stop. Continue reading “Minimalism is … addictive (part I)”

Quick And Easy Homemade Oatmylk

Homemade Oatmylk in a reused glass jar!

Hello my dear readers!

I am back with a very easy and quick recipe for homemade oatmylk. Because who needs Milk Cartons? We certainly don’t! They are a large part of our waste and that’s annoying. Especially since oats are easy to buy, most often in paper bags or even in bulk! Plus, they are a lot cheaper than store bought mylk! Interested? Then let’s start! Continue reading “Quick And Easy Homemade Oatmylk”