Clothing – Eco, Vegan, Fair

I would love to buy all my clothing second hand! But I am not quite there yet. For one because I live in a city where there is limited access to good second hand shops and secondly because I do enjoy browsing my favorite shops and buy a good quality piece once in a while. I mean, we all vote with our money. And I vote to support the shops I believe really do want to change something in the third most polluting industry in the world. Continue reading “Clothing – Eco, Vegan, Fair”

Minimalism is … addictive (part I)

This is going to be a new series. I realized that even though I have three core aspects to this blog (plant based eating, less waste and minimalism) I had yet to post anything about minimalism. So here is the first blog post, with many more coming.

I know it may seem strange saying that minimalism is addictive, but once you start decluttering your life, it’s really hard to stop. Continue reading “Minimalism is … addictive (part I)”

DIY: Allround Creme (GERMAN)

Da unser Vorrat an Creme sich langsam dem Ende zuneigt, habe ich mir Gedanken gemacht wie wir auf selbstgemachte Produkte umsteigen können. Der Freund war mit seiner bisherigen Hautcreme immer sehr zufrieden, war aber zum Glück offen für Neues. Ich wollte auch gerne möglichst wenige Inhaltsstoffe haben, da ich die Creme ohne großen Aufwand herstellen wollte. Dies ist mir auch gut gelungen. Continue reading “DIY: Allround Creme (GERMAN)”