Quick And Easy Homemade Oatmylk

Homemade Oatmylk in a reused glass jar!

Hello my dear readers!

I am back with a very easy and quick recipe for homemade oatmylk. Because who needs Milk Cartons? We certainly don’t! They are a large part of our waste and that’s annoying. Especially since oats are easy to buy, most often in paper bags or even in bulk! Plus, they are a lot cheaper than store bought mylk! Interested? Then let’s start!

Our oats are from a bulk store, organic and whole grain oats. And that’s the trick. You need those whole grain oats instead of the quick cooking oats. You want to avoid the consistency of porridge when making mylk right? It’s something I learned the hard way, but now that the recipe is finally right there’s always freshly made oatmylk in our home. And another advantage: 1 liter of our homemade oatmylk only costs 39cents! Thus, it beats every milk that is currently on the market.

Recipe (The whole process only takes 5 minutes):
  • 10 grams of whole wheat oats PER 100ml cold water
  • Nut mylk bag (or cheesecloth or an old kitchen towel)
  • Ice cubes (optional)
  • sweetener of choice (optional) – if you desire vanilla mylk simply add some vanilla drops or vanilla sugar.
  • Blender

For 1 liter mylk you’ll need 1000ml cold water and 100gr oats. Combine the water, oats, ice cubes and if you want a sweetener of choice in a blender. Blend on high speed for 30 seconds.

Strain the mixture through your nut milk bag into a glass container. Ready to enjoy!





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