Vegan in Prague – Travel Edition!

With these travel editions I want to show you that even traveling and visiting new places it’s perfectly possible eating plant based. This time: PRAGUE. So let’s go!

We visited Prague in may. It was my birthday present for my boyfriend and what can I say? We fell in love with the city! It’s like being in Italy or France with the city having been around for at least the past 1000 years. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and the 14th largest city in Europe. Since it is really easy to go there by train we thought it was perfect get away for the weekend.

First off, we were really lucky weatherwise. It was warm, sunny and it didn’t rain. That alone makes a good weekend.
The city is beautiful with it’s old and historical buildings and it is also really vegan friendly. After our first try being vegan outside Germany (and even in Germany it’s not always easy to eat plant based) we didn’t really have big hopes that it would be easier in Prague. But it was!
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Day 1: Friday

We arrived around 8pm and after just dropping off our luggage at our hotel (we stayed in a fairly new hotel, a little bit outside the city, which we really liked) we immediately went to our first vegan Restaurant in Prague – Vegan’s. We had already made a reservation there while still being in germany. This pretty Restaurant is very close to Prague Castle (Hradschin) and – lucky us – we got a table on their tiny balcony with a beautiful view on the castle. So while it was slowly getting darker outside we had our first meal in Prague and let me tell you it was amazing! As a starter we had a tomato/avocado tartar with ciabatta and a lot of garlic (is anyone else obsessed with garlic but doesn’t dare eat it during the week because he/she may smell very bad?) and then had an amazing vegan Burger. Now, I know that oftentimes you can only order burgers when you want to have something vegan (which I think is quite ironic) but let me tell you, these were amazing! Plus, instead of fries we had grilled vegetables as a side which was a nice variation. We ended the evening with some beer and two pieces of cake (weird combination, but we were on our mini holidays so it’s allowed) which were a little bit too heavy and sweet. – Nerudova 221/36, 118 00 Malá Strana –
+420 735 171 313

Day 2: Saturday

Since we didn’t book a breakfast at our Hotel we had to go out and find a cafe in the morning. I like doing this because you are around locals and not in a sterile restaurant room with lots of other tourists and probably not the most variety considering vegan food. We googled for a vegan cafe and quickly found “My Raw Café” in the middle of the city. The good thing in Prague is that they have streetcars going anywhere, which was really handy. Of course you can take a cab (but you have to watch out which one – there are private ones that can quickly cost up to 100€ instead of 10€, we had to make that bitter experience ourselves), but the streetcars are way cheaper and I like using public transportation when visiting a new city. The cafe itself is small but very pretty and has a lot of healthy vegan food. My coffee, to be honest, was a bit too healthy but the milk foam came with a bear painted on it so I ignored the taste 😉
My boyfriend had the granola plus guacamole with bread and I chose the raw vegan pancake with hummus and salad which tasted really good! Afterwards we shared a piece of cake (I love a good raw vegan cake!) and started with our city tour. – Dlouhá 39, 110 00 Staré Město – +420 603 889 016

We visited the must see places in Staré Mesto and Josefov (the old town and the jewish quarters), watched the hourly show of figures of the Apostles on the astronomical clock at the southern wall of Old Town Hall, went on the tower of the town hall and had a quick lunch at Loving Hut. There are several locations, each one individually operated and while the food was good, we really did not like the fast food feel of it. – There are several places across Prague

Afterwards we kept on exploring the city. A must do when being in Prag is traversing the Charles bridge. This bridge connects the old town of Prague with Mala Strana (the so called lesser town of Prague) and the Hradčany (the castle district). I personally preferred this part of Prague with it’s small alleys and little backyards. By chance we stumbled upon a small café called Food of Love in one of those backyards in the same street like the restaurant we went to Friday evening. It had great coffee and the staff was very nice. We enjoyed our little break from walking around all day and afterwards went to see the John Lennon wall which we found disappointing. There are, in our opinion, way better things to see and do in Prag than to go to that wall. – Nerudova 219/32, 11000 Malá Strana – +420 736 633 098

In the evening, after a quick outfit change in our hotel room, we went out to Maitrea – a Restaurant in the old town. You should absolutely make a reservation in advance, it was filled to the last chair. We luckily had called that same day and had made a reservation. The food was amazing! They are not exclusively vegan but do offer a lot of vegan options. Their menu had a lot of variety and everything was marked whether it’s raw, vegan, may contain honey or could even be modified to a vegan meal. I loved it! Our starter were Edamame beans (one of our favourites) and the main course were Udon noodles with a peanut ginger sauce, Tempeh and lots of veggies. – Týnská ulička 1064/6, 110 00 Staré Město – +420 221 711 631

Our beautiful day ended with a visit to a well known Jazz club in Prague – AghaRTA. It was my suprise gift since my boyfriend is an avid Jazz lover and does play himself. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Jazz Q – Talisman

Day 3: Sunday

In the morning we packed our bag, checked out and went to a café near the main station hoping that we could lock away our luggage which sadly didn’t work out as planned. But the breakfast at “Moment” made up for it. It was quite heavy but the food was tasty, the coffee was with almond milk and we shared a bagel (with fries on the side – which was too much for me for breakfast) and an omelette. – Slezská 62, 120 00 Praha 2 – +420 775 431 440

After three coffees each we took our luggage and made our way to the castle. It was sunny and warm and we wanted to use the last few hours wandering around in the castle park and garden while enjoying the beautiful weather. We made a stop at the Wenceslas Square and searched for the “upside-down-wenceslas” a sculpture (simply called ‘horse’) made by David Cerny in 1999 that hangs in the Lucerna Passage.
After our castle tour we made one last stop at the Vegan’s Restaurant we have already been to on Friday. We figured we could soak up the sun from their small balcony and enjoy another great meal while looking over Prague. It was the perfect end to our short vacation.

Until next time Prague! I’m sure we’ll visit again.


PS: If you have any recommendations for eating vegan in Prague please leave them below in the comments. Thank you very much!


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